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«Expensive» Kiev apartments.

Market of daily rent of Kiev apartments is changing: the quality became lower and there are fewer foreign tenants, as well as increased interest in new buildings. Demand, as well as rate increases gradually, but excitement is not observed. The real rental price reach 300 dollars a night, but you can still find living space in the historic center for the price to $ 150 per day.

All the experts say it is one of the unintended consequences of the crisis: the share of Russian and foreign tenants in the luxury segment are equal.

It is hard to work with Russian tenants , complain realtors. They do not want to pay for quality. But the "quality" in Kiev and not very impressive. Experts say the lack of worthy proposals. During the crisis, many owners were willing to get rid of "surplus" of apartments, and has since been sold the most liquid apartments, the best on the market, but there were only questionable options where the price is often overstated. Meanwhile, VIP-clients become more demanding.

However, not all so sad. Demand for Kiev apartments in not soon get to the level before the crisis, when the objects of business-class demand for the target of several candidates. But brokers say that there is a gradual strengthening of the market and are advised to look to the future with optimism.

The rate for Kiev apartments in the center of the capital is the highest (20-30% above the average). Even in the midst of crisis, these apartments have retained the region of maximum prices - up to $ 300 for a studio apartment in a day. But the basic principle of choice - it's close to work. To rent an apartment in the city center are very diverse: the reconstructed house, home of the Central Committee, luxury property, new homes. Elite chooses three or 4 room Kiev apartments.

The cost of rental is slowly but steadily growing. From the beginning, the average rental rates for apartments in the heart of Kiev increased by 15% since late July, there is the rising cost of apartment rent business class for about 6-8%.

The most popular items of such rentals are in the range of $ 250 per night - a modern Kiev apartment in buildings or complexes, an area of ​​100-150 square meters, renovated in modern style. In general, the up-market daily rent in Kiev is developing rather slowly. If economy class is always evolving shocks caused by economic and other factors, in the elite category of price changes are slow, careful decisions, and almost always with the auction. Prices do not fall below a certain level of current, the rise in prices is limited. At the end of the year, according to experts, the average could rise by 5-7%, and in some places, especially popular - up to 10-12%.