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Hotel or Kiev Apartments for rent?

Kiev today is not only the administrative center of the country, the capital of Ukraine also is largest economic and cultural center. This beautiful city has very rich history and known for many attractions. Kyiv has always been very attractive for tourists. Now many travelers from around the world aspire to this enchanting city.

One of the important elements for the development of tourism is a sufficient number of hotel rooms. There is not good situation with hotels in Kiev, one of the problems is that not enough hotel rooms. From the one hand in the city center there are known Hotels like the Intercontinental, Radisson, Hyatt Regency, Premier Palace Hotel. But the rooms in these hotels cost from 400-500 US dollars for cheapest room. These prices are higher than in other European countries and not all people can accept such price. In the city center also possible to find rooms for 100 - $ 150 US dollars, for example, such pricing hotels as "Ukraine", "Cossack", Khreshchatyk, but the quality maintenance and equipment rooms in such hotels are not much changed from the Soviet Union time.

An alternative to hotel accommodation is renting of Kiev apartments. Many companies offer Kiev apartments for rent. This business is already very well established, the company offer its customers not only housing for rent, as well as other related Services: information support, pick up at the airport, excursions, reservation of tickets, food delivery, room service, daily cleaning, replacing bed linen and towels.

Companies that offer apartments in Kiev provide a high level service, this is due to very strong competition in this market area. Now there is a very strong fight for every client and therefore all seek to provide maximum quality service to every customer was satisfied and always come back again.