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Kiev apartments rental

Last year was pretty good for a segment of the Kiev apartments rental : demand remained stable, prices are gradually increased. As a result of active Investors have again started to buy cheap apartments in Kiev, to go with them on the market daily rent in Kiev.

Not so many Professional owners in Ukraine are, they are mainly in large cities, as well as in Kiev. Most owners can be classified as "amateurs" which, for example, want to buy an apartment in Kiev for their child, and temporarily receive income from it by renting a daily rent. Typically, owners not very rich people so they choose not very expensive property. Choice of Kiev apartment depends primarily on the capacity, so if you do not have enough money for an apartment on the secondary market, the object can be bought at the stage construction. People are richer than willing to buy apartments in new buildings in Kiev, or Resale near the subway. Some owners bought apartments in the city center, and houses designed for demolition to get in the future high-quality accommodation in the same area. To the elimination of house apartments Kiev apartment for rent, usually for a small fee.

Of course, anyone who has sufficient funds, would prefer to have complete apartment, with all the trimmings. "Bare walls" become interested to buy for less money and bring the property in decent condition yourself.
Incidentally, the repair cost 30 000 - 40 000 USD and it pays off for two or two and half years. And pay extra for a cheap flat does not make sense, because that it is likely that within a year of "active" daily rent apartments of this repair very little left. The difference in pay daily rent apartments Kiev with high quality repairs and the usual still less than 60USD in day.

In addition, the profitability of rental Kiev apartments in more than the average, if Owner understands that the property is necessary to control, monitor the market situation, reduce downtime, carefully pick up customers, etc. Investment in housing is attractive, if there is a particular perspective territory. For example, in the near future in this area will be sufficiently developed social infrastructure, completed repairs or construction of roads, the station will be built Metro. Naturally, when you buy a cheap apartment to rent, a key index - the cost. In 95 cases out of 100 owenrs prefer 1 room  Kiev apartments , much less - two rooms. Getting the big areas - it is rather exception than the rule. Only occasionally sold Apartment, in which suggests to take each room separately.

Thus, the investor has the opportunity to earn in two directions simultaneously. Firstly, due to increased housing prices, much of which is compounded by the costs of completion and cost of daily lease.

Hiring and renting of Kiev apartments by the agency - is, above all, guarantees security of the transaction. Get help in the office checked, and you can be confident in the safety of their funds. But keep in mind that the company is responsible for the acts or omissions only if there were an official agreement. If the client has decided to save money and informal relations were character, to make a complaint does not make sense.