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Kiev apartments: rules of renting

Rent apartments in Kiev - a very high demand service in the market of real estate. Most Kiev apartments are interesting for visitors and guests, as it is comfortable, and most importantly cost-effective alternative hotel rooms. It would seem, well, what could be easier? You pay the money, but instead get housing in a predetermined timeframe. But even such a simple transaction can bring a series of unpleasant surprises, if you do not know certain rules of how to rent apartments in Kiev.

The easiest way to find good Kiev apartment - is to ask for help in real estate. If you're visiting Kiev from another town and travel time is limited then best way is reduce the time for choosing the appropriate options will help qualified realtor. This is especially true if you do not know the city and can not navigate to location of housing. If you want to save money, you can try to find an apartment on their own. It is easy sometime to make good deal, because these ads are filled with specialized publications and the Internet. But do not be surprised that by calling the contact numbers you will ever get into real estate, which in most cases act as intermediaries in the delivery of housing. Therefore it is better to consult a Realtor, especially because it can protect from dishonest landlords and fraud.

The first thing that draws attention - it is the price of daily rent apartments in Kiev which directly depends  from the location, its space and comfort level. Great demand for studio apartments, so the cost of daily rent is not very different from 2-bedroom. But it is not so simple. The declaration may specify the price per night, which is paid in case of renting an apartment in Kiev at least 7-10 days. So if you take an apartment for a few days (which happens often), the price can be 20-30% higher than stated. Some owners ask tenants to pay for services or real estate agent, for example, to reimburse them the cost of a taxi for the trip to rental housing. All these nuances better to stipulate in advance to avoid unpleasant situations and unnecessary expenses.

Not all owner are willing to rent an apartment in Kiev just for one day. Firms often asked clients to pay twice the amount (for two days) or even denied. When renting of Kiev apartments falls on a holiday or holidays, then Rent will cost more. Before you rent an apartment, check availability of household appliances and it is possible to use it. Paradoxically, some owners may make a complaint about the use of tenants, for example, a washing machine or TV. And it is possible that the apartment is not all work. Therefore, it is better to ask, Are the appliances and can I use it. Be prepared for the fact that you offered linen and towels will be very low quality, and this applies even to the apartments, which are dealt with very decent money.